Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miscellaneous Inspiration

With this flu getting me down, I decided it was time for some inspiration.
Jane Fonda - seriously no matter what you may think of her (and I've read her book which I found a fascinating read - truly inspirational)... this woman looks incredible for her age.  Sure photoshop helps but the core beauty is sill there and that is hard to do - I speak from experience.
My plans for kitchen upgrades are now off the table - simply can't afford the new counter tops and cupboards I want at this time and I refuse to compromise until I can so I do without.

A little outdoor bling

I'm so ready for winter to be over with already.

You can just feel the glamour in this room.

Perhaps somewhere in Paris.

Inspiration for my perfume - I think it's time for another new scent.  Some of mine have been around too long.

Love this idea for organizing my bathroom. So pretty.

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