Thursday, January 23, 2014

Additional inspiration

After a week of fighting this god awful flu I'm off to see someone about the constant cough which nothing over the counter works on.  I've haven't slept properly in days and I'm getting cranky. So I'm packing up my Sucrets and heading out into the bitter frigid weather to find something - anything that works.  I've been cooped up for a week now and I'm ready to go stir crazy.  I know, I know, you're wondering why I didn't just get a flu shot - well for me it never works.  As soon as I get the shot, I'm seriously sick a week later.  So I'm doomed one way or the other.  See - I'm starting to really feel sorry for myself.  With nothing to do but work from home when I can and troll through the internet, I decided I needed some additional inspiration. 
a class Hermes Kelly Bag - in my favourite colour.
Tiffany sunglasses 
So elegant
Something delicate and sparkly would be nice
for a sparkling evening in Paris.
I actually don't own a brown crocodile leather bag and I've been looking for one for ages.  This would do nicely.
A soft cozy cashmere throw for these cold days and nights.
So majestic - those soulful eyes.
A shopping spree at Ralph Lauren wouldn't hurt either. 
And for my son...
His future dream apartment that he keeps saying he's going to have one day.
I'm sooooooooo bored....... - turns out I'm not a very good patient.

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