Thursday, November 7, 2013

Olivia Pope Thursday

Ok - I have to confess I am hooked on this show.  Not just for the constant plot twists and the great scripts and acting, but for the fashion.  Hats off to Lyn Paolo the fashion designer for the show.  She wanted to bring the fashion up a notch this year and she has definitely succeeded.  She could shop for me any day of the week. 

However, just a word of caution.  This is high end stuff and not something my budget could ever afford.  Or anyone else I know for that matter.... but still a girl can dream....

Some of my favourites looks so far this year.

The classic Olivia Pope white trench - this time by Burberry
Dress by Rubin Singer - this dress was amazing.

Gorgio Armani and signature Movado watch

Gorgio Armani and of course her signature Prada bag

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