Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome to A Serene Life for Me - 2012 Edition.

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A New Year is a time for reflection of the previous year and time for a fresh start. 
2011 was a difficult year for me.  I lost my mother, my father was diagnosed with a debilitating illness and I found that some people I thought cared about me definitely didn’t when the chips were down.  However, it wasn’t all bad.  I started my blog and found some solace in that.  My priorities have changed which is for the better and I’ve reached out to some truly wonderful people online.   I’ve found inspiration and interesting articles that have helped to put my life into perspective.  I lost some weight (unfortunately with the stress of the last month I’ve quickly gained a lot of it back), but it’s taught me that with proper eating and more self control I can lose it again when things have settled down, and they should very soon.  I’ve become a much better cook and I’ve found many great recipes that my family really enjoys.  With this blog I’m finding me again and that is worth everything to me.
2012 is a year that I’m actually looking forward to.  I have a new job that I’m finding very rewarding; a recent diagnosis for myself has made me realize what foods are disagreeing with me and what I need to do about them. Resolutions are not my strong suit so I tend to stick to themes.  This year my theme is for more self-control, personal organization, and finding more serenity from within.  I also plan to try and be there more for my family, and relax more about the small stuff.  Basically it’s about finding the balance in my life that’s been missing. 
So here’s to a wonderful New Year.

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