Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Laid Plans Meet a Wall of Resistance

Just as I announced to everyone that I was going on the 2012 Whole Living Action Plan for 28 days my family stepped up and refused to go on it with me.  Healthy eating - fine, Exercise - fine, Contemplation - fine, but no fast and they're weren't even thinking of themselves.  They saw how much I suffered last time and didn't want me to go through it again.  Stubbornly I refused and announced I was doing this by myself then.  Well after one week I've conceded.  Cleanses just don't work for me and leave me in such grief that it's just not worth it.  For this entire week I've felt nauseas, tired and irritable.  BUT, I'm going to continue with the exercise program at any rate. 

This is one recipe that I tried this week that the family all agreed they could live with.  There are few others that were good too, but they left me in discomfort so I'm not posting them.

There might be other factors involved as well since I've been pushing myself since the beginning of November when my mom died.  I've been going non-stop as we ramped up for Christmas, I started a new job and dad was diagnosed with ALS.  We've sold the home they lived in for 34 years and began sorting through everything and packing up to move my dad into a new apartment on his own.  Doctor's have advised us to keep stress to a minimum for dad so you can imagine what this move has been like. 

The timing just isn't going to work for me.  Maybe I'll tired again next year.

Meditation of the Week

Think before you eat. Take three deep, slow breaths before every meal and give each bite your full attention.

For those who still want to follow along:

Week 2 Shopping List
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Wake up with weights

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