Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Finally Did It

It's taken me over a year since my dad's passing to finally organize and clean up the house.  The ramp and other large equipment was donated to a firefighter with MS (feels good to know this stuff is needed and appreciated).  The many items we cleared out of my parents home after my mother died has been sorted through and put away or packed and donated to the Cerebral Palsy Association.  I can finally put my car in the garage again.  However, there is still so much to do.  The rugs need to be cleaned or replaced, the garage door was damaged and needs to be replaced, and there are a million other small things to do.  All of which cost money.  However, they can wait.  I'm busying organizing for a trip which I'm really looking forward to but also looking forward to a more relaxed pace after we get back just as much.  Without an extensive to do list whatever will I do with myself?  Begin taking care of myself.  That's the plan - for once my life comes first. 

OK this isn't my panty - I actually don't have room for one.  However, it's my inspiration.  I'm planning a slower second weeding out as I work to simplify my life and keep only what we love, need.... or can't afford to get replace at the moment.
When I search for inspiration, I use the images as a guidepost.  Would whoever owns this wonderful room have this in his/her home?  That sort of thing.  Do I care about this so much that I don't care if they would have it or not because it's ME?  You get the idea.  That's the plan and I have lots of inspiration to work with.  And, I'm taking my time since I now see this as a lifestyle change.  My son won't know what hit him.

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