Monday, October 8, 2012

A Strange Reaction

I rarely drink except for the odd glass of wine or mixed drink, sometimes a small apertif after dinner, but this weekend something strange happened.  A few sips from a glass of wine and my face turned red and it felt like my face was on fire.  I needed ice to cool myself down and eventually took an allergy pill we keep on hand for my niece who is allergic to our cat.  I thought it was just a bad reaction to that type of wine - except I had been drinking that wine in the past with no reaction.  Then the next evening I decided to try a mixed drink - same reaction.  Not good.  What a strange reaction. 

To all my Canadian friends out there. 
Happy Thanksgiving

1 comment:

  1. African Proverb: See a doctor if you suddenly have a new and different symptom that you've never experienced before. I trust that all's going to be well.


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