Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration - My Future Poolhouse

Actually it’s Ralph Lauren’s naturally, but this is what I like about him...
Today is a holiday here in Canada and we're all enjoying the great weather and much needed time off.  I feel doubly blessed today because our cat came back.  We found her in the garage and no one is more relieved than me.  She's a real suck right now and so it's nice to be able to be home and rebond with her.


  1. Ooooof! What a relief. I just read your Mother's day post and was worried for you about your cat. Guess I should have read this post first! So happy for you that your cat is ok and safe and sound. Maybe you should put a bell on her collar so that if it happens again hopefully you will hear the jingling of the bell.

  2. Actually that is how I found her. I kept hearing her bell and yet whenever I went to look for her I couldn't find her and began to think I was hearing things. In fact I commented to a friend just before I found her that she was haunting me because I kept hearing the bell. Finally someone else heard it and after tearing everything apart I found her cowering in a corner under some shelfs where I had looked so many times before for her. Crazy cat. She's settled back into her routine except for being a bit more attentive. However, I've learned my lesson and will be going out to buy her a tag with our phone number on it. She has a chip and the bell on her collar but the tag will just that much more insurance if she ever gets lost again. I recommend anyone who has a house cat have one.

  3. Quite an inspiration there! I’m sure Ralph Lauren wouldn’t mind sharing the concept, especially the pool house! Even from afar, the pool house looks magnificent and regal! I can imagine myself reading a good book on the pool side, or swimming languidly in that beautiful pool!


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